Another Great Sunday @ The bridge Presbyterian Church.


This morning we launched another small group; added nearly 20 names to our founding charter and enjoyed inspiring worship. We have two problems at the bridge: 1. We don’t have enough room on our stage for our growing praise band; 2. Even after adding extra space, screens and seats, we are still out of room in our worship center.

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Legacy Begins NowSomeone once said: “You can’t lead a life that is truly excellent without feeling that you belong to something greater and more permanent than yourself.”

This is a very exciting time at the bridge Presbyterian Church. Beginning this Sunday, anyone interested in joining the bridge may do so by signing our founding charter scroll. This is your chance to formally commit yourself and your family to God’s mission of growing a new Presbyterian church in northern Brunswick County. This is also your chance to leave a spiritual legacy and to be a part of something greater and more permanent than yourself.

Is the Lord calling you to join our new church and become a Founding Partner in God’s mission at the bridge? Join us this Sunday at 10:00 am. We promise awesome Equal Exchange coffee; amazing music and message about discovering happiness you can apply to your life.

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Saturday Night @ PT’s Grill with Wes Hunter & Dave Bohn!

Wes and Dave Flyer

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Exciting Sunday at the bridge Presbyterian Church

Packed Worship Center @ the bridge

Packed Worship Center @ the bridge

Another record crowd gathered for Sunday worship at the bridge. This morning we announced that people wanting to join the bridge may do so. Beginning Sunday, Feb 8th, anyone wishing to join may sign the bridge Presbyterian Church charter and become a Founding Covenant Partner of the bridge. Once we have 100 signatures on our charter we can petition Coastal Carolina Presbytery to become an officially constituted church of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

This is an exciting time in our young congregation as we begin the process of moving from a new church development. God’s faithfulness is at work as we’ve seen our young church grow to nearly 120 in average Sunday worship in 5 months. Thanks be to God!

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What A Sunday @ the bridge Presbyterian Church!

IMG_1147What a great way to begin our new sermon series on Discovering Happiness! We had a great time in worship with another near-record crowd on hand. We had a record 63 people sign up to participate in Sermon-Based Small Groups that begin this Sunday! The music rocked. The sermon connected. The children’s ministry is growing! Lot’s of new visitors! God is doing some amazing things at the bridge!

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What Makes Us Happy?


What do you think would make you a happier person? That may be the most asked question in America today? Research on the subject of happiness reveals some startling results. For example, one study found that those on the Forbes 100 list of richest Americans were only slightly happier than the American public as a whole; in an even more famous study, in 1978, a group of researchers determined that 22 lottery winners were no happier than a control group!

What would make you a happier person? One study looked at 29 people who’d recently become paraplegic or quadriplegic. It turned out the victims of these accidents reported no more unhappy moments than a control group!

This Sunday, we begin our new sermon series on Discovering Happiness. I promise it will inspire you, rock your world just a bit and draw you closer to our Lord. Bring a friend and come early this Sunday at 10:00am @ the bridge.


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New Sermon Series Coming This Sunday @ the bridge

IMG_1147There is a term in the advertising world called emotional branding which describes the emotional connection between products and consumers. Emotional branding provides consumers with meaning in life and, as one ad expert said: “fills the empty places that civic institutions like schools and churches once did.”

I’m convinced there is an empty place in every human soul and much of life is spent trying to fill that emptiness. This life-long quest to fill that empty place is called the pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately, no amount of happiness can fill the emptiness in our soul. Only a relationship with Jesus Christ can do that.

In the fifth chapter of the gospel of Matthew there are a series of seven short verses referred to as The Beatitudes. Each begins with the word blessed. The word blessed in the original language of the bible is ‘makarios’ which (surprisingly) can be translated happy. Our Lord wants us to be happy, just not to pursue happiness as a goal. When our goals in life are shaped by the Beatitudes we find our empty places being filled by the Lord and…(you guessed it) happiness will happen.

If you are searching for happiness, come check out this new series and learn how to discover happiness in your life and how God can transform your life!


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